Christmas Tree Potato Chips Exist Now


via usmagazine     Sure millions of us love potato chips, millions of us love Christmas Trees and all the trimmings that come along with them. Until now, nobody has ever thought of putting the two together. The Iceland Food Company, based in the United Kingdom has done the (unwanted?) unthinkable. They've mass produced "crisps" coated in something called “pine salt flavor seasoning.” According to the list of ingredients, said seasoning basically consists of sea salt and pine oil. 

Just think, when family and friends come over this Holiday Season you can be the hero of the snack table with these crunchy trees in sack.  

"Wow Brenda, these are delicious. What are they Balsams? Douglas Firs inside this bag?"

2018: what a time to be alive.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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