Look At This Retro Reboot Trailer For Halloween

via nerdist.com   The newest reboot of the classic Halloween film saga hits theaters on October 19th, just in time to get in to the "spirit" of the season. It takes place 40 years after we were first introduced to "Michael Myers", a.k.a.: the scariest dude in coveralls you've ever seen. This latest slasher installment was co-written and directed by David Gordon Green (“Stronger”). Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as "Laurie Strode" and "Michael" is played by James Jude Courtney (though Nick Castle, the original Myers, makes a cameo). 

Since this is a Throwback Thursday,  watch this cool retro-recut of the trailer done in the style of vintage '70's Cinema. This reminds me of Tarantino's Grindhouse films and those "trailers-within-a movie", look and feel.

Photo credit:  Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

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