This "Light" Beer Now Available In 77-Pack


via delish        Well, looks like the folks at Natural Light have outdone themselves. In honor of the year of its creation (1977), they've produced a "super-sized" box of beer. May I present to you the 77-Pack. Frat houses will rejoice. IPA's-aficionados....probably will revolt and launch a social-media tirade. Yes "Natty Light' as its known by anyone who's pounded them down over a beer pong table or tailgate party will be available in this 65-pound box but there's a catch. 

They're only being sold in College Park, Maryland for a limited time only. Sorry to get the hopes up of "Bros" who live elsewhere. Looks like you'll have to pile into a somebody's run down SUV and shout "Roadtrip".

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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