10/18/89: Guns N' Roses Nearly Breaks Up On Stage


via rollingstone.com    The Rolling Stones had tapped Guns N' Roses to open four shows at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum in October, 1989. Guns were still riding the success of their debut album Appetite For Destruction ('87) and the EP, G'n'R Lies (released the previous November.) The rigors of the road and the overindulgence of numerous substances had tempers flaring within the band. 

After the set opener "It's So Easy", front man Axl Rose took to airing some dirty laundry on stage. In the clip above (around the 9:41-mark) he tells the crowd:

"I hate to do this on stage, but I tried every other f*# way. And unless certain people in this band get their sh@# together, these will be the last Guns N' Roses shows you'll f*$# ever see. 'Cause I'm tired of too many people in this organization dancing with Mr. GD Brownstone."

Slash would later say in interviews that this was directed at him. He says he was strung out at the time and losing a grip on his personal demons. For more wild and wooly moments from the tenuous, topsy turvy career of Guns N' Roses click HERE for more moments.

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