The Cast Of New Queen Flick Really Learned To Play


via UCR      The highly-anticipated film Bohemian Rhapsody about the rise of Freddie Mercury and Queen hits theaters in just two weeks. The buzz has been building ever since fans caught wind of the fact the surviving members of the band were not only on-board with the production, but also extremely hands-on when it came to training and working with their silver screen counterparts.

Although the crew had hand doubles or "stunt musicians" at the ready for some of the close up scenes, the Actors portraying Queen actually learned how to play their instruments along the way. 

In the clip above, Gwilym Lee, who plays guitarist Brian May says:

"We all worked really hard to master our instruments as best we could,” Lee said. “I’d played a little bit of guitar before, but nothing on this level. It was a new skill to try and learn lead guitar. Brian’s been a really supportive presence for me.”

The real legend himself paid his young actors the best compliment they could get saying:

 “The four guys who play us are phenomenal,” May continued. “They completely lived it, they became us. It just sends shivers up your spine.”

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