Guess Which Country Drinks The Most Booze Per Year

Poor little fella ^ ...........he probably didn't remember the cardinal rule "Liquor before beer, you're in the clear, beer before liquor, never sicker". THAT and drink a full glass of water every other drink.

Well according to this new survey from Hangover Heaven, CHINA tops the list of "Most Total Alcohol Consumed, Per Person Annually". Hangover Heaven is a medical clinic in Las Vegas, NV. that offers IV hangover treatments. They said in the article they used an industry report that details alcohol sales and consumption around the globe. Here is their list of Top Ten Drinking Countries

Numbers reflect the total Alcohol Consumption in Litres.

China:              54,290,000,000

United States: 30,500,000,000

Brazil:              14,040,000,000

Germany:        11,560,000,000

Russia:              9,500,000,000

Japan:               8,890,000,000

Mexico:             8,610,000,000

U.K.                   7,470,000,000

India:                 6,310,000,000

Spain:                5,140,000,000

For more info, fany infographics and a breakdown by booze, you can follow THIS LINK

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