Look At This Private Island You Can Custom Design


via digital trends      Unless you're a major, lottery winner or "Bond Villain" (as quoted by mashable), the thought of owning your own, private island or luxury submarine is just a pipe dream. But let's go down that rabbit hole and see what's possible in 2018. 

The Migaloo Co. not only custom builds submersible yachts but also these floating resorts. If you've got the cheddar, they even let YOU help design it. They offer every, luxury amenity including pools, decks, spas, helipad, waterfalls, outdoor movie theater, and a shark-feeding station......because where else would want to vanquish your enemies?

The coolest thing may be that if you get tired of your view, you can literally drive your island somewhere else. Top speed however, is a paltry eight knots or, 9mph. What the Kokomo Ailand lacks in open water speed it makes up for in a Penthouse tower that sits 262 feet above the water. So.....there's THAT.

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