Red Sox Got 2nd Highest World Series Bonuses Ever


via  tmz/sports        After closing out their 9th World Series Title over the Dodgers just 31 days ago, the Boston Red Sox  are in line for some substantial bonus checks just in time for the Holidays.

Major League Baseball just announced the postseason bonus pool totaled $88 MILLION to be divided by all of the teams that made the 2018 playoffs. That number is based on stadium ticket sales and is now the largest pot in MLB history. The 10 playoff teams split that based on how far they got. 

With the World Series Crown, our Sox will split $31.7 million between 66 players, which came out to $416,000 EACH!  That figure makes it the second largest bonus payout. Topping the all-time list is last year's champs. The 2017 Houston Astros snagged $438k-per player.  I wouldn't shed a tear for this year's runner-ups, the L.A. Dodgers. Their checks will be in the neighborhood of about $267,027.49.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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