Guess Which State Is Most Expensive To Have a Baby

via    A financial site called Magnify Money recently broke down the numbers on the most expensive/least expensive U.S. States to raise a baby. 

The factors included the difference in cost between renting a typical one bedroom and two bedroom apartment; the average cost of daycare; the average cost of baby apparel, diapers and wipes; average additional food costs; the average cost of adding a dependent to workplace health insurance; and federal tax credits. It also looked at those factors across the 100 largest metros in the U.S.

Wouldn't you know, Massachusetts placed at the top of the list with a monthly cost of $1,521. The National average they found was $1,037 . That's nearly $800 more than the cheapest state to raise a baby, Arkansas, which has an average monthly cost of $723, the study found. Here is a quick breakdown.

10 Most Expensive States to raise a baby.

1. Massachusetts: $1,521

 2. Hawaii: $1,464 

3. Washington, D.C.: $1,374 

4. California: $1,349 

5. Connecticut: $1,327 

6. Alaska: $1,314 

7. Vermont: $1,311 

8. New Hampshire: $1,290 

9. New Jersey: $1,243 

10. Maryland: $1,238

10 Cheapest States 

1. Arkansas: $723

 2. Mississippi: $759 

3. West Virginia: $814 

4. Tennessee: $830 

5. Louisiana: $835 

6. Alabama: $837 

7. Utah: $850 

8. South Carolina: $850

 9. Kentucky: $870 

10. North Dakota: $872

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