9-Yr. Old Gets Town To Repeal Snowball Fight Ban


via nydailynews.com    After a century, the small town of Severance, Colorado will finally get the chance to have legal, Snowball Fights. Residents have 9-year old, Dane Best to thank. After finding out that throwing snowballs was illegal due to a very, outdated law, he started researching at the local Town Hall how to get it repealed. In the article Best simply said:

“I want to be able to throw a snowball without getting in trouble.” 

He went in front of the committee and actually got them to overturn the ban. STating when it was written, it was meant to cover a more broad ordinance that deemed it illegal to throw stones or missiles at people or any public or private property. Now the Townspeople just have wait for it to.......snow.

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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