Here Are The 8 Cities Announced For XFL Reboot


via      About 10 months ago, WWE Founder, Vince McMahon announced that he was rebooting the XFL "extreme football league" in 2020. The failed attempt at a second Pro Football League lasted only one season back in 2001. The XFL was meant to fill the gap of the NFL The XFL was conceived as an outdoor football league that would take place during the NFL off-season, and was promoted as having fewer rules and encouraging rougher play than other major leagues. 

Today, the first 8 markets to feature an XFL franchise were announced:

1. Dallas

2. Houston

3. Los Angeles

4. New York

5. St. Louis

6. Seattle

7. Tampa

8. Washington D.C.

Photo Credit: Tom Hauck /Allsport-Getty Images

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