Watch This Brit Surfer Ride A Record 100 Ft. Wave


via FTW (    The big waves off the coast of Nazare, Portugal this time of year are legendary. If its one thing they say about World Records, its that they're made to be broken.

Big-wave surfer Tom Butler of England rode a wave estimated to be 100-feet tall last Friday in what he and others believe could be a new, world record for the biggest wave ever surfed. Last November, Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa, rode an 80-foot wave. Pfftttt, child's play. In this article, Butler is quoted as saying: 

“When I was going down I thought, this is the fastest I’ve ever been. Time kind of slows down, it’s instinct really. I was doing everything to hold my balance. That’s when you’re training comes in. I do lots of gymnastics training to help me keep balanced.

“It’s hard to say exactly how big it was. I’d say it was 20 times my height and I’m 6-foot-2. You don’t really see it behind you because you’re so concentrated on what’s ahead of you."

One thing's for sure, "Jeff Spicoli" is probably impressed.....

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