Inaugural Jetpack Racing League Coming In 2019

via     The tech world's newest sport is about to launch in 2019. This year will see the first-ever, Jetpack Races after a year of test flying The Engineering Wizards of JetPack Aviation (JPA) had to make sure its jetpacks can be flown safely in close proximity to each other,  

JPA will invite qualified teams to participate in trials during 2019. The JPA jetpacks used in the racing league are capable of flying at over 200 mph, according to the company. The races will be held over water in the beginning and eventually they'll race over land. Teams will need at least three jetpacks – or similar devices – to participate in the racing league. They will need to either buy or lease the equipment from JPA if they don’t have their own gear. JPA in that case would provide pilot training and maintenance of the jetpacks.

Cool! So how do we sign up for this "pilot training"? I've got some traffic I'd like to avoid for the rest of my life.....

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