The New "Pet Sematary" Reboot Trailer Looks Creepy As Hell

Usually I'm not one for messing with a classic. Be it a classic song cover, classic car or classic T.V. or movies. Sometimes I wish they would leave well enough alone, come up with something original. But then, in some cases, reboots can definitely stand on their own. Sure, I may have a different opinion when this film comes out, right now, however, this new trailer for the "Pet Sematary " remake looks great.

Give the filmmakers credit for releasing this one almost 30 years to the day after the original. That film adaptation, directed by Mary Lambert, was based on the 1983 Stephen King novel of the same title. It was instantly a classic. Who could forget Fred Gwynne 's (a.k.a. (Herman Munster') role as "Jud"? This time around that character is played by John Lithgow . Then there's the ultra-creepy "Gage" that comes back from the dead to wreak havoc. I still can't get that scalpel scene out of my head whenever I think about the original.

This new reboot is scheduled for release by Paramount on April 5th.

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