Urban Outfitters Now Offering Stacks Of Random VHS Movies

I'll bet some of you still have a box or plastic storage tote with a bunch of old, VHS tapes somewhere in your attic or basement right now. I know I do. I'm not even sure why, seeing as how I lack the necessary VCR to actually play them. Urban Outfitters decided one person's trash is another analog enthusiasts treasure.

The offbeat retailer is selling 5-packs of random, used VHS Movies for $40.00 Despite that you'll be buying a "mystery box" of unknown titles, they promise there's not a clunker in the bunch. In fact, this article from MeTv.com has the item as follows:

"Set of 5 iconic, assorted ‘90s comedy flicks on VHS tape, curated by Studiohouse Designs exclusively for Urban Outfitters. Each set is unique, iconic and will vary..."

Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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