Where Are The Recordings Of The Zeppelin/Sabbath Jam Session?

The story goes that in late 1973, members of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin joined forces and jammed at Morgan Studios, London. In this article from Loudersound Guitar God Tony Iommi gives us some insight:

"We were really good mates with Led Zeppelin, especially Robert Plant and John Bonham who came from the Midlands. Zeppelin had wanted us to be on their label, Swan Song, but we couldn’t make it work out. During the recording of the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album [1973], Zeppelin came into the studio for a jam. John (Bonham) wanted to play Supernaut[from the previous year’sVol 4]but we jammed instead."

Ozzy claims to not remember too much about this session (shocker). But Sabbath drummer BIll Ward recalls Bonzo "kicking the crap" out of his drum kit on multiple occasions, going back to the band's club days. As for any actual recordings, Ward says :

"There was a moment during that jam where we all kind of got this crazy notion and said, 'Let's put something down on tape – but nothing transpired and no tape rolled. Nothing was recorded: We were just pissing about. I believe at one point and Robert did a bit of writing together.

Iommi still stands by his story claiming:

" I know that it was recorded, and I’d love to hear it. The tape must be around somewhere."

Well, these mythical tapes remain one of rock's biggest mysteries to this day. I would have to think if they did exist they would've come out by now. Just imagine what could've been, though, if these two Legendary British Superpowers blended their talents together.........

via loudersound + ultimateclassicrock.com

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