Remote Control Snowblower Could Revolutionize The Industry

Leave it to the Sorcerers of Technology and Engineering over at M.I.T. to develop another brilliant solution to a tedious task. According to this piece from WBZ-TV4, former "Battlebot" contestant, Dane Kouttron spent nearly three months building a Smart Snowblower! The fully electric device can be operated via remote control or automatically function using GPS controls. This ingenious robot can run for up to four hours to be able to keep up with Mother Nature.

As of now, Kouttron does not have plans to mass-produce his creation or sell it off to another manufacturer. However, the technology seems to be there. Just think, some day soon you can clear your driveways/walkways without having to leave the comforts of your warm and cozy sofa.

via WBZ-TV4


(Photo: WBZ-TV)

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