Man Survives 5 Days Trapped In Snow By Eating Condiments

A 36-year old Oregon man became trapped in his vehicle during a heavy snowstorm. The off-road enthusiast and his trusty dog spent the night in his vehicle and attempted to walk for help the next morning. This proved very difficult because of the amount of snow that had fallen, authorities said.

According to this article, he stayed warm over the next four days by occasionally starting his vehicle and stayed nourished with some Taco Bell Hot Sauce packets he had as food. Authorities said that he didn't even have a cell phone on him.

It wasn’t until Friday afternoon, five days later, that a snowmobile rider spotted his car and called 911. Taylor and his dog were described as hungry but otherwise in good condition. Let that be a lesson to you, kids: always keep some spare condiments in your glovebox, because, you never know.....

via huffingtonpost

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photo: Deschutes County Sheriff's Office.

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