Steve Miller Wrote This Signature Tune To "Kick Pink Floyd In The Butt"

Steve Miller was approached around 1975 to perform at the famed Knebworth Festival in the U.K. on a bill that also featured Pink Floyd. He says in this article, that he was reluctant to take the gig.

“I kept trying to turn down the gig,” Miller remembered. “I said, ‘I don’t have a band. I don’t wanna do this. This is a bad time for me. I’m in the midst of recording …’ They just kept saying, ‘Well, how about some more? How about if we paid you this much? If that wouldn’t be enough would this be enough?’ Finally I decided, ‘Well, this would be enough! Yeah, I can take a little break to do this!’”

Miller quickly rallied the troops he had been jamming with on this new album. The seasoned vets included Les Dudek, Lonnie Turner and Doug Clifford. He offered them an all-expenses-paid vacation to London to play to a huge crowd with Pink Floyd. The story goes, the band rehearsed for only one day. Then they flew to London and prepared to rock for 120,000 people. It was at this time, Steve decided if he was going to be on a bill with Pink Floyd, he needed something special that would "kick those guys in the butt." That song wound up as ‘Rock’n Me’. It went over so well with the festival crowd, Miller decided he needed to record it as soon as he returned to the States.

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