Heart's Nancy Wilson Reveals Who They Lifted The "Barracuda" Riff From

Hall of Fame artist Nancy Wilson revealed some cool facts about the origins of one of Heart's signature songs. In this interview below from "Gear Factor" on Loudwire she says they had been touring with Scottish rockers, Nazareth in the early '70's and picked up a few things from them. Namely, the iconic guitar gallop of a tune they covered called "This Flight Tonight". It turned out that Nazareth had put their own spin on the song originally written by Joni Mitchell.

Wilson and Co. "borrowed" that instantly, memorable rock riff and turned it into "Barracuda" for their 1977 album Little Queen. She goes on to say in this interview, that the boys in Nazareth were not too happy about it saying:

"They were pissed. Yelling: 'You took our riff!' but .....you borrow from what you love and then you make it your own."

Watch the entire clip and compare the two tracks below

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