David Gilmour Once Mixed Sound For Jimi Hendrix

The Summer of 1970 saw the culmination of another historic music festival. The Isle of Wight in the U.K. The lineup featured the top British and American acts at the time. Its been said that it was the largest crowd assembled at the time. Over 600,000 crammed the Island for the 3-day festival to catch The Who, Free, Sly and The Family Stone, Joni Mitchell, The Doors, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix (amongst many others)

A then 24 year-old David Gilmour tells a great story in this article about his experience and part in Rock History.

“I went down [to the festival] to go to it and I was camping in a tent, just being a punter. I went backstage where our main roadie guy, Peter Watts, was trying to deal with all the mayhem, with Charlie Watkins of [amplifier company] WEM. … They were very nervous, they were going to have to mix Hendrix’s sound. I did some mixing stuff in those days and they said, ‘Help! Help!’ So I did.”

Gilmour says he had met Hendrix but didn't really know him as he worked the mixing desk on the side of the stage..It didn't happen without some glaring, technical issues. At one point Jimi was getting radio interference through his amps from the Security's walkie-talkies in true "Spinal Tap" fashion. Hendrix' performance in the wee wee hours of August 31st, with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox turned out to be his last in the U.K. before he died Sept. 18. Due to the drama surrounding the 1970 edition, it was the last Isle of Wight Festival until it was revived in 2002.

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