Look At This Prison-Made Custom Guitar

Check out this cool, one-off custom guitar. The historic piece was illegally built years ago in Huntington State Prison in Pennsylvania. It started back around 1995 with a broken guitar neck. The heavy, hand-carved body was made from walnut and oak with white-painted binding. The hand-stamped brass truss rod cover has the word, “LADY,” a tribute to B.B. King’s “Lucille.” All the wiring was smuggled in from the prison shops or pulled out of headphone jacks. All the knobs are spaced very closely together, a necessary step in order to keep wiring to a minimum.

The inmate that built it worked the front desk at the prison, which made it possible to get pickups mailed to the prison and smuggled back to the shop.The guitar spent five years in prison with him and was shipped home right before he was released in 2000. He continued to play this guitar for the next 13 years.It was then sold to Guitars on George, a music store in York, Pennsylvania.

So much cooler than the Chess Set that "Andy Dufresne" chiseled out in Shawshank.

via Guitar World

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Photo Copyright: Shane Speal

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