Guess Which Month Produces The Smartest People

Well, a new study just proved what those of us born in September have known for years. The ninth month of the year yields more intelligent people than any other month. I'll bet you thought we were only known for the start of the Football season and the first day of Autumn.....The study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that there's a clear connection to how smart you are and what month you were born in.

This article in Travel and Leisure goes on to say Researchers found that “being relatively old for grade (being born in September versus August)” was more likely to result in better grades and were more likely to have higher GPAs . This seems to be supported by the fact that those born in August — and are 11 months younger — were most likely to have the lowest grades. Another fun fact from the study revealed that September babies are also the least likely to end up in Prison! Since nobody would take my word for it, you can refer to the official source here of this study entitled: "School Starting Age and Cognitive Development,”

via travelandleisure

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