Game Of Thrones Oreos Are Coming

The long-awaited return of HBO's worldwide smash, Game Of Thrones is less than two weeks away. The buzz has been building for the eighth and final season of the epic series. Now, the marketing surrounding it is in full swing as well.

Oreo just released this video to promote their specialty-branded cookies emblazoned with the "coat of arms" of those battling for the Iron Throne. Each pack will come with cookies decorated with the sigils of the Lannisters (lion), Targaryens (dragon), and Starks (direwolf), and the always eerie Night King,

The classic cookie company is predicting this will be one of their largest, limited edition releases of all time after they launch everywhere on April 8th. Below is a cool, recreation of the iconic title sequence that took over 2,700 Oreos (and hundreds of hours of animation, I'm guessing)

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Photo by Nabisco

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