Jimmy Page Tells The Tale Behind A Mystical Guitar

I always love hearing the stories behind some of the most iconic guitars straight form the mouths of the sorcerers that wielded them. Jimmy Page has been working closely on a project with the Fender Custom Shop to replicate his famed 1959 Telecaster used on Zeppelin's debut album.

Below you'll hear Page narrate the tale of how he obtained the instrument and how he transformed it into “a custom-made, psychedelic guitar.” In this piece from LouderSound he says:

“I got to the point where I wanted to consecrate this guitar and really make it my own. In The Yardbirds, I was having to build my own identity within that group. I tried applying mirrors to it so you could use it in an optical way with the lights and shine the mirrors on people while you were playing."

After that original guitar went through it's "Mirrored" phase, it would later be transformed into what JImmy called "The Dragon" which he also hand-painted. Later this Summer, Fender will release a limited run on two, vintage reissued axes. The Jimmy Page Mirrored Tele will retail for about $2,500. The Dragon Finish will sell for about $1,400. Get more details and see more pix at the bottom of this webpage.

via loudersound Fender.com

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