Free Pizza For Life....If You Get This Tattoo

Free Pizza for LIFE? Where do I sign up? Well, technically you don't have to sign up. A pizzeria in Sarasota, Florida is offering up the Mother of All Deals for pie lovers. You just have to get their Solorzanos Late Night Pizza logo (below) tattooed on your body -- anywhere and any size -- and then you show the tattoo at a restaurant location. You get one slice per day per location, and the tattoo has to be located in a "family-friendly" location on your body. (keep yer pants on!)

According to the shop's official Facebook page, they're even willing to pay for the cost of the tattoo. Hey you gotta respect that, right? Willing and interested participants can visit locations in Siesta Key, Sarasota, Venice and Longboat Key. Sure, it may get expensive for us to keep flying from Boston to Florida, but just think of the money you'll be saving on Pizza!


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