You Can't Put Hubless Rims + An Airplane Engine In A Bike! "Hold My Beer."

Get a load of this bad motor scooter! This TMC Dumont is a project bike 15 years in the making. It was the brainchild of former F1 driver Tarso Marques. He wanted to pay tribute to another inventor and fellow Brazilian, Alberto Santos Dumont,

If you take your eyes off the video below, here's some specs on this futuristic-as-hell creation. It's packed with a 300hp, V6 Rolls Royce engine from a 1960s aircraft. That should provide all the juice you could need. The power plant isn’t the only high-tech thing about it. The TMC Dumont Motorcycle features 36-inch hubless rims, the biggest ever installed (according to this article) on a two-wheeler.

Marques had faced a lot of doubters after word of it leaked, so he decided to ride it to Daytona Motorcycle Week for all the world to see. As of now, there are no plans to build more of them despite all the interest. IN fact, the inventor won't even reveal it's top speed or total cost to manufacture.

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