Chicago Hotel Offering The Most Expensive Wiener In The World

This is not your average, everyday, throw it on a split-top roll with some French's yellow type of wiener, folks. The Chicago Omni Hotel is offering up, what may be the most expensive hot dog on the Planet. Go big or go home right? So what comes on this monstrosity of meat for $49?

The Wild Wagyu Beef wiener is the top of the heap. And it's heaped with toppings of the rich and famous.

-Foie gras mousse

-Shaved black truffles

-12 day-fermented garlic turned into a black garlic aioli

-Extra Shaved wagyu beef

-Microgreens grown hydroponically

-Whiskey-caramalized onions

-"Fleur de sel,"

According to this article from Chicago's WLS-TV you also get a side order of fries and a fancy cocktail to "wash it all down".


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