Babe Ruth Rookie Card Found At Estate Sale Sells For Big $$$

A woman in Maryland attended the Estate Sale of her late Aunt back in 1992 and made a life changing purchase that day. For a mere $25 she purchased a 100 year-old Player Piano. Many years later, she noticed a pedal was sticking and had it fixed. During the repairs, approximately 110 antique Baseball Cards were found wedged inside the piano that she assumed was the hiding place of her Dad or Uncle.

One of the cards turned out to be a Babe Ruth rookie card from his first season with the Boston Red Sox: 1916. Although the card was in good condition, the auction house estimated it would only sell for half that amount given that the same card in even better condition sold for $38,837 via Heritage Auctions 10 years ago. This sale of $130,053 set the record for the public sale of Ruth rookie cards graded in the same condition.

In this article form the NY Post the Beckett Goodwin auction house said:

. “At long last, Babe Ruth’s rookie card now stands at the precipice of becoming the Ruth of sports collectibles — a relic for the ages. If ever a museum-worthy sports antiquity existed, it would be Ruth’s major league rookie card.”


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