Tom Petty's "For Real' Gets An Official Video Release

This past March, a new Greatest Hits package from the late, Tom Petty was released. It chronicled his 40+ year career with Mudcrutch, The Heartbreakers and as a solo artist. The Best Of Everything featured 37 memorable favorites and one, previously unreleased track. "For Real" was written and recorded in 2000 but never released to the public. Petty's daughter Adria was going through some of her father's archives with guitarist Mike Campbell last year and discovered the gem of a song. In this article, she says:

“It hit me pretty hard the first time I heard it. I was told he wrote in his hotel room the night before, and it feels very raw and sincere. It really stood out as something pretty profound, sort of from the grave, right? Just a real assessment of his strange reality of being a living legend. It touches on the things my dad believed in, his core values, like being authentic and not just being part of the pastiche of pop culture.”

The eldest Petty daughter has amassed quite the resume in the music business herself. She has directed videos for Beyonce, Regina Spektor, and Coldplay, among others. She took on the project of compiling classic photographs, on and off stage, early home-movie footage, in the studio, and footage from Petty’s show at London’s Hyde Park shortly before his death in October of 2017. The following official video release gives us a very personal (and real) look into the life of her Dad, the American Treasure himself.


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