Paul McCartney Is Now The 2nd Wealthiest U.K. Musician

For decades Sir Paul McCartney was hailed as the wealthiest musician in the U.K., year in, year out. He has dropped to #2 on that list. His estimated worth of $1-Billion last year fell to a paltry $974 million in 2019. Some say the fall from the top spot may be accredited to wife, American trucking heiress Nancy Shevell. Her family's company declared bankruptcy.

So who has claimed the Throne as Wealthiest Musician in the U.K.? That would be composer

#1) Andrew Lloyd Webber- $1.1-Billion.

Rounding out the list from The Sunday Times were

#3) U2: collective worth of $759 million.

#4) Elton John $417 million.

#5) + #6) are Rolling Stones band mates Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, valued at $358 million and $338 million.

#7) George Harrison's widow and son, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, -$325 million.

#8) Ringo Starr -$312 million

#9) Michael Flatley-Riverdance star- $265 million

#10) Sting- $260 million fortune;

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