The Denim Speedo: It Exists And Can't Be Un-Seen

It may be hard to think about Summer, what with all of the dreary, cool weather we've been having in New England, According to the Calendar, our warmest Season will arrive in just 35 Days. Apparently, one fashion company wants you to be ready for swimsuit season when it gets here.

Ladies and Gentlemen: the Denim Speedo. Or, as this article calls it: "the "Jeado." I remember growing up, when a pair of cut-off jeans or maybe some "Daisy Dukes" could pass for swimwear. To this day, we always seem to end up playing"spot the speedo" at the Beach. It's like seeing a car with one headlight out. You know eventually you'll see one, but it's always fun to be the first to spot it.

So, do you think this will catch on with those that seek to wear the very least amount of material they can in public?

via esquire

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