Boone-The Beer-Gettin' Dog Should Be Invited To Your BBQ

This good boy proving once again that Dog are far superior to Cats when it comes to helping their humans. (don't come at me, it's just science). Meet "Boone-The Beer-Getter" his owner in Louisville, KY. says it took only an hour to learn how to get the beer, and a couple days to get the koozie. The hard part was training the 4-year-old lab to throw away the empty cans. (Kids....amiright?)

In this piece, 26 year-old Brent Kramer said:

"It probably took just over a month to get it all done. Getting a dog to realize that you want them to drop an empty beer can in the trash is next to impossible."

So far the video has racked up over 57,000 views. If you want to see what else Boone is up to, give him a follow on his official Instagram


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