London Just Approved Their First Nudist Pub

Do you love visiting classic Pubs while on vacation but always run into the problem of having to wear clothes? This may be the perfect watering hole for you! The City of London has just allowed a permit for the 170 year-old The Coach & Horses in the Soho district. The pub's owner, Alistair Choat, launched a petition to keep the bar independent and stop a corporate brewery chain from purchasing it. The eclectic location has made news over the years being the city’s first vegetarian pub and also having London's "Rudest Barman" according to this article.

The fine print on the license allows all guests and staff to be naked, but states that you can’t just walk in wearing your Birthday Suit. Any nudity must be pre-arranged and will only occur on special occasions with plenty of warning to all guests. So I guess if you're planning a Summer holiday across the Pond this year you can either check off or cross off this one from your list. Depending on your level of fun...

You just know someone out there, right now, is working on a clever, "Big Ben" joke....

via Food&Wine

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Photo: Tim Ireland - PA Images/Getty Images

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