Audioslave May Have Another Record To Release

In an interview with Backstory, Guitarist Tom Morello recently revealed there may be "a record's worth" of previously unreleased songs for another Audioslave album. The band he formed with the late Chris Cornell in 2001 released three studio albums over six years, won three Grammy Awards and sold over 8 million albums. The possibility for a fourth release is there. In the interview below Morello states:

"There certainly is a chance. There are no plans for that currently to be released, but there's no impediments to [it] being released, either. We'll figure it out at some point. There's probably a record's worth of stuff that didn't get released. It's really good, too. Some of the choices of what songs were on what records were almost arbitrary. There's a few of my favorite Audioslave songs that just never fully saw the light of day, so hopefully they'll come out some way."

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