Harley Davidson's New Electric Bike Could Be A Game Changer

What the new Harley-Davidson Livewire electric motorcycle lacks in the trademark, "throaty exhaust" department, it makes up for in the technology and specs department. Let's start with the powerplant and its capabilities. A permanent magnet electric motor cranks out 100 % of its torque instantly, with no shifting, no traditional transmission to speak of. A twist of the throttle has its pilot launch from 0-60mph in only 3 seconds!

It gets its power from a high-voltage RESS "Rechargeable Energy Storage System" (read: lithium ion batteries) Range of the bike varies from 140 miles-City to 88 on the Highway. It plugs into any ordinary household outlet for overnight charges or can be used with public, Fast Charge station. A 80% charge will take 40 minutes, while full battery recharge could take an hour. It's loaded with features like ABS, Electronic chassis control and a fully adjustable suspension that lets the rider adjust their comfort level.

The tech doesn't stop there. Harley has produced a companion app that lets you check all on board info to your smart phone. The gauge cluster has been replaced with a 4.3-inch touchscreen display equipped with Nav. So, what will this marvel of modern machinery going to cost you? According to the official website: Sticker price starts around $29,799

via Harley-Davidson

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