Alice Cooper Goes "Disney"?

Looks like the King of "shock rock" (does anybody still call Alice Cooper that anymore?) will be bringing his animated personae to a new animated series for Disney Junior. The Hall of Fame'r has lent his voice talents to Mickey and the Roadster Racers. In his guest-starring role, Cooper will play Alistair Coop De Ville, “an old friend of Goofy’s uncle.”

In this article from Entertainment Weekly, Alice give us a little more insight about his new character:

“It’s so funny that they have a snake coming out of my top hat — the two things that Alice is known for,” Cooper..... “Generally when I play parts in movies or TV, I’m always the villain. It’s kind of nice to not be the villain for once.”

Fans can watch the full episode on July 5th at 8AM ET on the Disney Channel. Until then, here's a clip below

via UCR

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