Gloucester's "Greasy Pole" Challenge Celebrates Its 92nd Year

Since 1927, a tradition like no other has ushered in the Summer season in Gloucester,MA. One of the best parts of the 5-day Saint Peter's Fiesta (which started as a small, "blessing of the Fishermen") is the Greasy Pole Walk. Contestant's walk the 40-foot plank, four stories over the waters off of Pavilion Beach.

The object is to grab the flag waving at the end of the pole. It sounds easy enough, if the pole wasn't lathered up with Crisco, bacon grease and leftover fish parts. If any brave/lucky soul actually makes it to the end and declares victory, the locals will carry you through town, where you'll score a free drink at every public house, not to mention LIFETIME BRAGGING rights. The 2019 Greasy Pole will take place today, (Friday 6/28) at 4:45pm Get more details on the whole weekend of activities HERE + Watch highlights below.

VIA WBZ-Boston

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