Aerosmith Reunites With Their Original Tour Van

Last Summer Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz of American Pickers-fame managed to unearth a long-forgotten piece of Aerosmith history. They picked upon the original 1964 International Harvester Metro the band used to tour in , in the early 1970's. It was half buried in the woods of Chesterfield, Hampshire County, about 110 miles west of Boston.

After making contact with the band members on their find, the crew embarked on the long, arduous process of restoring this piece of Rock History. Watch a recent clip below from the History Channel Series when Tyler and Perry and Co. were finally reunited in Vegas with their old rust-covered friend (and sometimes mobile home) while they regal us with stories behind its unique art work. What's next for this Rock artifact? Aerosmith said they'd like to incorporate it into their Las Vegas residency and eventually enshrine it at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland.

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