Flame-Throwing Drones? What Could Go Wrong?

Are you tired of just flying your drone around taking pictures and video of scenic landscapes? Well one company has come up with a way to weaponize your device like something out of a science fiction movie. Throwflame is offering civilians the TF-19 WASP. The mobile Flamethrower attaches to your existing drone in what their official website says is designed for:

"remote ignition of aerial and ground targets, bringing new levels of efficiency and manageability to agriculture,”

Here's some specs on the product that will go down in the "Hold my beer.... Hall of Fame". It weighs in at 4-pounds, has a one-gallon tank that allows for about 90 seconds of firing time, and has a 25-foot range. So what do they say is the intended purpose (other than keeping your Local Fire Departments busy and freaking out your neighbors)? Throwflame says it’s ideal for clearing brush, pest nests and hanging debris from power lines. What happened to using a good old-fashioned weed wacker and knockdown hornet killer? Watch the video below, what happened to that tree they just set on fire?

Surprisingly, there doesn't seem to be any age restrictions to purchasing one and the website says it's all perfectly legal. However, users must “comply with the FAA’s UAS rules in addition to local ordinances,”

All this for the introductory price of $1,499

via NYPost

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