Bluetooth Cassette Players May Be Coming This Year

Earlier this month a new kickstarter campaign was launched to get the world's first Bluetooth Cassette player off the ground. For those craving some nostalgia, It's OK is coming hot off the heels of the 40th Anniversary of the original Sony Walkman with one, key addition. This portable cassette player has the addition of Bluetooth 5.0 built in. So instead of plugging headphones into a physical jack (which is still an option), users can stream their mixtapes to Bluetooth speakers, or wireless headphones.

The device also comes with a recording feature, a blank tape and will be offered in three colors: Sakura pink, Cloud white, and Evening blue. If the thought of carrying around ancient technology sounds like your cup of tea, you can get a "deal" on them for $63 by backing their official Kickstarter ahead of time..

Think this media is dead? As of this writing, they've already raised over $76,000 from 900+ customers who are salivating the projected December release date. What's that old cliche? What is old is new again? Unfortunately for audio purists, the player doesn't even come with a FM/AM Radio. "and for this reason.......I'm OUT"

via gizmodo

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