Ice Cream Sandwiches: Now Available In.... Hot Dog Flavor?

Hot DogWhat (or why) will they think of next for outrageous Ice Cream flavors? I mean, sure who doesn't love a good hot dog slathered in mustard at a Summer cook out? But Oscar Mayer is taking things next level with their "Ice Dog": Hot Dog- flavored ice cream, sandwiched with spicy mustard. And , yes, they have a layer of hot dog-infused sweet cream blended with real candied Hot Dog pieces and a layer of dijon-infused gelato.

This bizarre creation was produced in honor of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (today August 2nd), the Ice Dog Sandwich was designed to taste like an Oscar Mayer hot dog in frozen form.

So, what say YOU? Does the thought of a frozen hot dog tickle your fancy? Or will it have you hearkening back to the simpler days of yore with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry?

via @oscarmayer

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