ZZ Top Share The Origins Of Their First Top 40 Hit

As that "l'il Old Band From Texas gears up for their 50th Anniversary Tour, ZZ Top continues to reflect on the roots of their rock. Bassist Dusty Hill reveals in this article how one of their signature tunes came to pass.

"We used to record all of our soundchecks on a little cassette, just in case we came up with something," he recalls. "We’d just be farting around, doing old songs or new songs, whatever. [Guitarist] Billy [Gibbons]started playing that riff and I started singing. What came off the top of my head, to show you how demented I am, I mean, they’re not exactl yBob Dylan-type lyrics. Only a couple of words were ever changed before we recorded it. It’s just like we did it at that soundcheck."

That now infamous "riff"? Turned out to be "Tush", the band's first Top 40 Hit originally released on 1975's Fandango. I guess the old cliche still holds water: "you never know where or when inspiration will strike." Look for the Texas Trio at the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion on September 18th.

via UCR

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