Here Are The Times To Avoid Travel Before Labor Day

According to global mobility analytics company INRIX, driving times across the country for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend could take 10% longer than usual. And in major metro areas, that time could spike as much as 85% to 115%. 

After crunching the numbers here's what they say are the worst times to the road:

Thursday, Aug. 29th from 4 to 6 p.m."when commuters and holiday travelers mix to get an early start on the long weekend," INRIX transportation analyst Trevor Reed told USA TODAY. 

So what about Friday, 8/30:

Friday afternoon (especially 1 to 4 p.m.) for those on their way out of town and Monday morning (7 to 10 a.m.), when people start return trips.

Thinking of flying the (used to be friendly) skies? Another group reports that over 17.5 million people will travel by U.S. Airline. A record number of passengers this Labor Day weekend. With an average of 95,000 more passengers per day compared to last year. Saturday and Sunday are again slated to be two of the year's "lightest" travel days with about 2 million travelers each day. Read More on the study HERE

So, what have we learned here, folks? Unless you can leave today (Wednesday) or have the powers JIm Carrey did in "Bruce Almighty" or George Jetson (below) Good luck, it's going to be a jungle out there this week....

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