David Bowie "Storytellers" Getting A Vinyl Release

Almost 20 Years to the day it was recorded, David Bowie's classic appearance from VH1's "Storytellers" will finally be released on Vinyl. The performance was recorded August 23rd, 1999 at The Manhattan Center in New York and covered decades-worth of Bowie tunes.

This new Vinyl release comes out on Parlophone Records October 11th. It's notable for fans because of the rarities involved. Tunes like “Can’t Help Thinking About Me”, which he hadn’t played in 33 years, or “Word On A Wing” which hadn't been played in 23 years.

This VH1 Storytellers did get released in 2009, it was only available as a CD and DVD package but lacked the whole program. Now this album will include all of the songs from his live session, including four bonus tracks. It’s a 2xLP release to accommodate the 12-song tracklist and coinciding commentary.

See the track listing below.

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VH1 StorytellersTracklist:

Side 1:

01. Life On Mars?

02. Rebel Rebel (truncated)

03. Thursday’s Child

Side 2:

01. Can’t Help Thinking About Me

02. China Girl

03. Seven

Side 3:

01. Drive-In Saturday

02. Word On A Win

03. Survive *

Side 4:

01. I Can’t Read *

02. Always Crashing In The Same Car *

03. If I’m Dreaming My Life *

* = Bonus recordings not included on original CD

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