Watch This "Flying" Yacht In Action

Well it looks like there's been some fine advances in Boating Technology. Get a load of this bad mamma jamma. The 32-foot Enata Flying Yacht features four, retractable hydrofoils that lift the boat's hull off the surface of the water for a silky smooth ride. Seasickness could be a thing of the past! You'll be cruising up to 5 feet off the water surface. No more choppy waves or boat wakes to deal with out on the lake or the ocean. Plus, the Foiler is 40% more efficient than a regular boat due to the reduction of drag.

Here's some specs: Powered by win V-8 marine diesel engines pumping out 740 hp, top cruising speed of 40 knots (about 46 MPH), a carbon fiber body and joystick controls in the bow seating area that let's the Captain remotely control the throttle and steering.

All of this high-tech, James-Bond-esque luxury is gonna cost you though. The fully, customizable whip starts around 764,000 Euros or $843,562 USD. Estimated build time: 12 Months.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some Lottery Ticket Pipe Dreams to pursue.....

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