Watch: Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" As Performed By A Rubber Chicken

As your Host of the "Stairway To Seven" here at 'ZLX I feel it's my duty to seek out all things , Zeppelin-related to share with you, the loyal listeners. Sometimes it may be a historic concert, recording session in the studio or important anniversary to look back on. Other times....well let's just say, we find ourselves going down a Led Zeppelin cover tunes "Rabbit Hole" over on youtube.

This is one of those times. On one hand, you may say: "this is ridiculous. what a colossal waste of time. And on the other: "Wow, there is definitely an art and craft to evoking such raw emotion and feeling out of this sight gag".

Still not impressed? Scroll down for the chicken's cover of Queen's "Bohemain Rhapsody"

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Kenny Young

Kenny Young

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