An Electric Carving Knife That Looks Like A Chainsaw?

Make your next Family get-together or dinner party one they'll remember for years. Why use the same old carving or electric knife when you can break out the new, "Mighty Carver". It has the look, feel and function of a chainsaw, just on a smaller scale. The official company website proudly proclaims:

"Great for slicing meats, melons, tomatoes, pineapples, potatoes, loaves of bread and more"

The whole family will be lining up to try and carve the Thanksgiving Turkey this year! Best of all, it only weighs about three pounds so you don't need to be a professional lumberjack to operate this majestic piece of culinary machinery. It's gonna run about $60 however to wield such awesome power.

* File Under: "Shut Up An Take My Money"

via boingboing

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