Hendrix' "Band Of Gypsys" Box Set Due Out In November

It seems the Jimi Hendrix Archive is a bottomless well of material. Another massive collection is due out November 22nd. The legendary Band Of Gypsys featuring his then, new trio of drummer/vocalist Buddy Miles and bassist Billy Cox performed some legendary shows New Year's Eve 1969 and New Year's Day '70. All four sets will be available in their entirety, commercially for the first time. Songs for Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts will include five-CD or eight-LP's.

In 1970 Band Of Gypsys was released with just a handful of tracks culled from those shows with some songs cut for time purposes. So this time around fans will be able to listen to all four sets, uncut and uninterrupted thanks to new mixes/mastering from Engineer Eddie Kramer. This being a box set, there's bound to be tons of unearthed liner notes, photographs and commentary form those that were there.


Here's the full Track Listing.

Disc One -- Dec. 31, 1969, First Set

1. "Power of Soul"

2. "Lover Man"

3. "Hear My Train A Comin’"

4. "Changes"

5. "Izabella"

6. "Machine Gun"

7. "Stop"

8. "Ezy Ryder"

9. "Bleeding Heart"

10. "Earth Blues"

11. "Burning Desire"

Disc Two -- Dec. 31, 1969, Second Set

1. "Auld Lang Syne"

2. "Who Knows"

3. "Fire"

4. "Ezy Ryder"

5. "Machine Gun"

6. "Stone Free"

7. "Changes"

8. "Message to Love"

9. "Stop"

10. "Foxey Lady"

Disc Three -- Jan. 1, 1970, First Set

1. "Who Knows"

2. "Machine Gun"

3. "Changes"

4. "Power of Soul"

5. "Stepping Stone"

6. "Foxey Lady"

7. "Stop"

8. "Earth Blues"

9. "Burning Desire"

Disc Four -- Jan. 1, 1970, Second Set

1. "Stone Free"

2. "Power of Soul"

3. "Changes"

4. "Message to Love"

5. "Machine Gun"

6. "Lover Man"

7. "Steal Away"

8. "Earth Blues"

Disc Five -- Jan. 1, 1970, Second Set

1. "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"

2. "We Gotta Live Together"

3. "Wild Thing"

4. "Hey Joe"

5. "Purple Haze"

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