Jimi Hendrix Experience "Lost" Concert Footage To Finally Be Screened

In February of 1969, the final European Show for the original Jimi Hendrix Experience line up took place at London's famed, Royal Albert Hall. The concert was filmed along with pre and post-show footage and was long thought to be "Lost" somewhere in the archives. The film has never before been released on any format or screened anywhere on Earth. That is, until now. Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and The Last Experience Inc, the company that originally documented the performance, have partnered for the event on October 21st.

The original host venue will show the restored film with remastered sound and color-corrected picture. The film’s soundtrack was mixed by longtime Hendrix recording engineer Eddie Kramer. According to this article in Guitar World, it's being hailed as:

"one of the greatest and most anticipated, unseen treasures in musical history,"

Unfortunately for legions of Hendrix fans across the Globe, this is only a one-night-only experience, with no plans for a further official release. (*Author's Note: I don't believe THAT previous statement for a second) Watch the trailer below and get more details from the official event website HERE

via guitarworld.com

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